Tech Over the Past 20 Years

SMD Technologies has entered the Tech space at the perfect time. It is clear to see that the most exciting time in tech history is now. Thanks to the developments that have been made over the past 20 years! Time to consider all of the major changes that we have become so accustomed to.

Cell phones

Let’s be honest, there are still a few of us that reminisce back to the days when cell phone screens were green and playing the game “Snake” was the coolest feature it had. Yet, the past 20 years have brought about an era where cell phones are used to do most daily tasks. From emails to video calls, sharing information, taking video and camera footage using it as a GPS, or playing games. More so,  ordering food, listening to music, doing banking, doing research, and last but not least, calling and texting.

Cell phones are our hub of communication. With everything right at our fingertips, our new smart devices have made many other day-to-day items obsolete. Think about maps, why do we need maps, or even a GPS anymore? We now have an app on our phone that can navigate us to where we need to go. To a large extent, landlines, specifically personal lines have become superseded as our calls are now mobile. Photo albums are no longer necessary as we can take and store photos right on our handheld devices. What makes things even better is that we have access to those photos whenever we want. We don’t have to look through albums, and what’s more is that those images are readily shareable on many platforms. No more need for CDs and tapes, as we now have music libraries on our phones.


To be fair, we can thank Google for many of the progressions that we now have access to. Cheers to Google, we now have access to Maps, translators, Gmail, Chrome Browsers that are user-friendly, and so much more.


Bluetooth has absolutely mushroomed over the last 20 years. Let’s face it, in this day and age, if your device doesn’t connect to Bluetooth, then it is not smart. Bluetooth has given us the ability to connect one device to another completely wirelessly.

Social Platforms

YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and the likes have been what keep people glued to their phones. We rely on these platforms to see what is currently trending, to make purchasing decisions, and to give us recipes. They also teach us to do things that we don’t know how to do with step-by-step tutorials.

3D Printing

Lastly, 3D Printing has given your average homeowner a chance to create personalized designs. They have been given this opportunity through graphic software and 3D printing technology. This tech takes your online generated design and brings it to life.

That’s that for Tech-Talk

We are constantly absorbing so much information thanks to the new advances brought to us through continually evolving technology. It is such an exciting time we are living in. A time when things are always improving, changing, and becoming possible where we thought it to be impossible.

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