SMD Partners with Rapoo Technology 

Rapoo, established 2002, boasts a foundation that has been built on versatility, research and development, premium design, and attractive pricing models. Impressively, Rapoo’s head office is based in Shenzhen where they pride themselves on their smart, green building. In essence, their headquarters are technologically smart, while maintaining a green, environmentally friendly workspace. Impressively, they have developed a sustainable manufacturing model, which makes use of robotic assembly lines. With a production capacity of 7 million devices per month, it is no surprise that they are considered to be one of the world’s largest wireless peripheral factories.  

Rapoo and SMD 

In addition to Rapoo’s offering, SMD is also a major distributor of computer peripherals, and gaming products, among other things. We have a firm standing with multiple massive retailers showcasing brands along the likes of Volkano, VolkanoX, and VX Gaming.   

The partnership between the two brands ultimately means that there will be a strengthening in the market share. This growth should happen in both computer peripherals and well as gaming products categories for both companies. Rapoo & SMD share a common goal to provide a greater product offering to the masses in South Africa, closing the gap between the haves and the have-nots. 

More so, with so many years of experience under our belts, we will be leveraging off of one another. We will do this to ensure that there is more consistency and enhanced knowledge to work and create a somewhat seamless working model. 

Offerings of the Partnership 

When we mention computer peripherals, we are referring to products such as mice, keyboards, mousepads, headsets, etc. Each peripheral starts at a basic stock standard and develops into a higher-spec product with greater functionality. The same goes for gaming products, from pc gaming products to gaming desks and chairs, and everything in between. The possibilities of what this partnership can bring to the market are endless. Which brings exciting future prospects. 

What’s Next for SMD and Rapoo? 

All we can say at this point is that there is so much room for growth, between both companies. But for now, while we start integrating Rapoo products with our own, we will revel in the fact that we have taken another step toward success and growth. Watch this space for what this merger will bring! 

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