TCL Technology and SMD Partner Up 

SMD Technologies and TCL Technology have flipped the script and partnered up. With the two well-established companies now creating a united front, they are a force to be reckoned with. Through this union, SMD is looking to provide a wider range and greater quality of service to our customer base. We are proud to have TLC on board as an official partner for Smart TVs and soundbars in South Africa. This market was previously untapped when it came to the world’s number one TV panel manufacturing giants. With SMD becoming one of the distributors for TCL products in SA, where a large client base has already been formed, the partnership between the companies really was a match made in heaven. 

About TCL Technology 

Here is a quick rundown of TCL: 

  • TCL, abbreviated from Telephone Communication Limited was established in China in 1981. 
  • Just a few short years later in 1999, the company went global entering the Vietnam market. 
  • In 2004, they acquired both Thomson TV and Alcatel mobile phones, shortly after going public.  
  • In 2008, the company produced its first LCD module.  
  • Proudly in 2009, they introduced the very first 3D Internet TV to the world.  
  • In 2010 they had a brand value standing of USD 6.46 billion.  
  • Between 2010 and 2013, multiple new projects such as LCD panel lines and 110-inch screens were worked on and released.  
  • 2013, saw TCL branch out into the North American TV market. TCL entered Brazil in 2016. 

TCL’s Accolades 

Throughout its 35 years, TCL has won multiple awards for both its product quality and innovation. More so, they have branched out into many countries and made meaningful partnerships. The company’s financial standing to date reflects a revenue of $25.3 billion, assets of $48.6 billion, and profits of $930.5 million. One of TCL’s proudest products to date is the Mini LED TV. Accordingly, this TV essentially offers a purer, ultra-high-definition TV. In addition, it brings improved brightness, higher contrast, and superior colour precision thanks to the Quantum Dot nanocrystals. 

Smart TVs in South Africa 

Thanks to South Africa’s ever-changing and growing technological climate, we can attest that there is a spiked demand for Smart TVs. Not only has this digital era brought a great demand, but the quality expectations quality are extremely high. Basically, TCL is an incredible filler for this gap in the market that we are facing. Aside from unparalleled quality, we can say due to it being relatively new to the SA market, it has been made available to clients at an affordable price. Furthermore, with this partnership, we have intentions to extend our reach into the other parts of Southern Africa through SMD’s deep distribution channels. 

TCL and SMD 

Boasting the tagline “Inspire Greatness” TCL has gone over and above. We at SMD truly believe that our partnership with TCL is testimony to our slogan of “Limitless Possibilities”.  With 35 years behind TCL and 17 behind SMD, there are over 50 years of combined experience between the companies. Subsequently, this makes for amazing growth potential for both businesses. Additionally, we at SMD are firmly aligned with some of the top retailers in South Africa. Names like Makro, Takealot, and Pick ‘n Pay among others all testify to our experience in distribution. Thanks to the relationships we have built and our ability to maximise our return on investment, we are confident that we will catapult the exposure of the TCL brand within SA. We are excited to see what becomes of this merger and we look forward to moving onward and upward with this new partnership. 

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