Our facilities, staff and bespoke product development systems have allowed us to become supply chain specialists, which manages and tracks every order, from concept to completion, mitigating risk and achieving prices and products that our clients would have difficulty in obtaining for themselves.

We pride ourselves in maintaining high levels of quality service and reliability.  Not only do we display competitive advantage but we also lay claim to on-time delivery and ethical business practices.

We offer a number of services from Sourcing to Production
sourcing and development

Product Development & Sourcing

We are able to source, develop and package just about anything. With our team of highly-trained sourcing professionals, fluent in both English and Mandarin, we are able to ensure a speedy and painless product development process from concept to completion. We draw from a database of trusted, vetted factories to ensure only the highest quality goods are produced or bought.

Quality Control

Quality Control

Our local and international teams are made up of highly trained and tech-minded individuals. We test our products, vet our factories and oversee all technical specifications to ensure safety and the highest possible quality in each product we introduce to market. We frequently collect samples, inspect and visit factories to ensure that manufacturer certificates and licences are valid. We ensure the correct raw materials are being used and that your products are tested by third party testing agencies. We will sign any legal agreements for lead time and quality requirements.

Warehousing and logistics

Warehousing & Logistics

SMD Technologies has developed strong, reputable logistics partnerships using our knowledge and experience in international shipping. Our warehouses are manned by over 130 staff to ensure smooth operation and quick packing and dispatch. We will also run your consolidation projects by purchasing goods from several manufacturers, synchronise delivery dates and calculate your shipments to warehouses. We have optimised international supply chain logistics, taking the headache out of sourcing products and getting them in stores, giving you more time to focus on your business goals.

Design and packaging

Design & Production

Our in-house packaging and design department is on hand to assist with the creation of your OEM brand. From logo design to instruction manuals, our staff of design specialists write, photograph and print eye-catching, on point artwork that stands out on shelves. We also create our own product videos to highlight specifications, features and educate on usage, which are filmed and edited in-house by our production staff.

Account management

Account & Project Management

We treat all client relationships as long-term partnerships and work tirelessly to meet their product requirements. Our Project managers work hand-in-hand with factories to ensure the highest quality during manufacturing, and oversee QC requirements, while our dedicated team of Key Account Managers work tirelessly to analyse your product performance and are always available to assist with any queries you may have.


Retail marketing

Marketing & Promotion

We will assist your company with activations and educational drops to keep your stock moving. Our in-house retail and brand activation division are well trained in your product listings and business practices, ensuring your customers are well armed when making their in-store purchase. We perform thousands of store visits per month, ensuring your products are displayed well. We assist with your stock takes, help with promotional materials and stock upliftment. Our traditional and digital marketing divisions advertise our brands, manage our websites, attend & display at promotional shows and run our social media to help you make sales.

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