About SMD Technologies

Founded in 2005, SMD Technologies humbly sought out to become a reliable and affordable source of good quality scientific and accounting calculators. We soon saw that there was opportunity in the market to expand into other personal consumer electronics that we began to source from China.

We were not satisfied with simply purchasing in no-name brand electronics, and strove to provide excellence through quality and brand appeal, subsequently we have created market-leading brands Volkano, Rocka, Amplify and more.

The company’s rapid growth from 5 core staff, to the current 200+ employees can be directly attributed to the relationships we have built with our retailers and customers, and as we continue to work towards bringing in new ranges and building new relationships we do not see any slowing down.

Our philosophy of finding the best suppliers in the world of high-quality, genuine products is our key to success. By following this philosophy, we ensure that our clients are getting the best deal in the world. Quality and reliability is what we have built our business on. This has resulted in us offering the best service and the lowest prices in the market. We carry large volumes of stock of all the products on our price list, hence we can offer unrivaled reliability. We strive to ship all of our orders timeously to ensure you get the stock you want.

“The biggest sources of opportunity are collaboration and partnership. And today, with digital communication, there is more of that everywhere. We need to expose ourselves to that as a matter of doing business.”

Mark Parker

Our Partners

We have, over the years, partnered with KD Foods, and beauty and perfumery creators, Perfect Scent. As we grow, it is vital that we form the right partnerships, not only with our retailers and customers, but within markets. SMD Technologies’ drive for quality and growth has taken us from technology to foods, office stationery and beauty. In order to maintain excellence, we have formed partnerships with sister companies and businesses whose expertise and knowledge in their respective industries give us the edge.

Further, we want to represent top-quality brands and have sought out partnerships with Disney, Marvel, DC & Warner Bros, Sony, Sansui, Hyundai & more. Giving our end-users the peace of mind knowing that an SMD Technologies product has been made and manufactured with high standards and are sourced from trusted, authorized producers and production houses.

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